Welcome to Aurionair


Welcome to the world of ventilation technology, our unique product range has made. Aurion market leaders in ventilation products. Relaying on the dedication and committment of our teams, we combine all our innovative potential, our know-how and proven expertise for the benefit of the customer. Our team produce and distribute products with a passion, striving to achieve perfect solutions for applications in many different industries. Those who knows us know the high standards that we apply to our work and know our creed: to be close our customers as possible and to be simply the best in terms of innovation and reliability.

 To make things happen for customers- in our case, to make things move for them-it is necessary to know them well. Geographically speaking, our local presence gives us proximity to our customers, their markets and their specific requirements. Still, it is our employees who ensure that, wherever in the world our customers may be, we get to know their requirements in depth and work to understand their problems better. Our employees delve deeply into industries, products and applications; their thoughts accompany and anticipate. In doing so, they are supported by a corporate culture that promotes, stimulates and motivates a high level of personal responsibility. We insist on quick decision-making and a lack of bureaucracy-and on customer satisfaction!